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Featured Interviews

Featured Interviews
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How To Overcome True Adversity And Believe In Yourself

How To Overcome True Adversity And Believe In Yourself

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The Douglas Coleman Show VE with Anthony Razzano

The Douglas Coleman Show VE with Anthony Razzano

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Against All Odds: A Comeback Story

Against All Odds: A Comeback Story

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A single match was lit, igniting a fireball that would

swallow a young Anthony Razzano whole. The

garage didn’t catch fire, but he did. Razzano was

treated by paramedics from Noga Ambulance and

taken first to Jameson Hospital’s emergency room,

but his injuries were so severe that he was flown by

helicopter to West Penn Burn Center in Pittsburgh...

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Anthony Razzano Is The Author Of The Week

I had the incredible privilege of hosting Anthony Razzano as a guest on The Relatable Voice Podcast. Our virtual journey together began in sunny Florida, where I picked up Anthony, and let me tell you, it was an unforgettable ride. Anthony’s story is nothing short of awe-inspiring, and his unwavering resilience in the face of overwhelming adversity is genuinely remarkable.

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burned Boy Goes Home

A 12-year-old burn victim went home from the hospital today, scarred and in pain but alive, three months after his doctors said he probably wouldn’t survive the night.

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Photos, Story: After near-fatal accident 25 years ago, burn victim Anthony Razzano celebrates life

Scary stuff is supposed to occur on Halloween. But what happened to Anthony Razzano 25 years ago on Oct. 31 is beyond frightening. A horrific accident, in which he was burned, nearly claimed his life at age 12. A happy-go-lucky life as a seventh-grader changed in a split second. Doctors said he wouldn’t survive. But Razzano, now, 37, lived.

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Local Golf: Razzano excels in one-armed competition

Eleven-year-old Julia Razzano wants to see her dad golf in Europe on the United States’ Ryder Cup team one day. Razzano’s father, Anthony, may be on his way to fulfilling his young daughter’s dream after winning a closest to the pin competition and advancing to the quarterfinals of the 13th annual North American One-Armed Golfer Association match play championship at the PGA National’s Champion Course in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.



Adventurous Entrepreneurs
Anthony Razzano - How To Overcome True Adversity And Believe In Yourself

Joining TJ on the Adventurous Entrepreneurs Podcast today is Anthony Razzano. Anthony Razzano's life journey took a remarkable turn at the age of 12. Originally poised to pursue football, tragedy struck on October 31, 1987, when a devastating fire engulfed him. Miraculously surviving against grim odds, Anthony emerged from the ordeal with severe injuries. Battling sepsis, undergoing numerous blood transfusions, and receiving last rites thrice, he defied expectations. Despite losing fingers and enduring extens